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Reviews - Jason Darling - Cosmik Debris

There are echoes of a number of songwriters careening around the twelve tracks of this new release by Jason Darling. Neil Young, George Harrison and Al Stewart are among the names that popped into my mind while listening to Underground. Not a bad list, at that. While he's not above wearing his influences on his sleeve, Darling merges them into something totally appealing and entertaining, if not entirely original.

Darling is a fine lyricist, in command of some of the dicier tools in the songwriter's box. Irony that's actually ironic, cynicism that doesn't lapse into despair and a wicked sense of humor are among his strong suits. He's also a capable player, who laid down these tracks nearly single handedly (there's a guest trumpet on one cut and some cello sweetening on another), with a particularly adept touch on the guitar, on which he displays command of a variety of styles.

Jason Darling is definitely a name to watch out for, and if you see it on this CD, pick it up and take it home.

© 2001 - Shaun Dale

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