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Reviews - Jason Darling - Aiding and Abetting

Acoustic guitar-driven rock, very much influenced by Neil Young. Jason Darling acknowledges as much with the first song, placing Young dead center in the piece.

But the real link is the poetic way Darling expresses himself. The lyrics (and the guitar work, occasionally) don't always follow an obvious linear track. The stuff can get a bit expressionistic at times.

The only way to make that work is for the poetry to resolve itself. In other words, the shit had better be good. And Darling is. He slings his songs with an easy intensity, the kind of delivery that's impossible to teach. He is his songs.

Kinda cool when that sorta thing works out. There aren't many people who can pull off an ambitious set of songs like this. Hell, most wouldn't even try.. Darling succeeds in spectacular fashion.

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