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Reviews - Clyde Wrenn - Burn Magazine

Some albums take weeks to grow on you and some come and go like one night stands.

There lies somewhere in between a category that seeps through the skin like peyote, a division of album that defies immediate categorization - these albums are usually delivered by songwriters with a lot to say and the means to eventually say it in their own way.

The most striking point about Wrenn's album is the voice. Heavens Ashes - man, I just wish that I'd written it about every relationship I ever had.

Here's a man with the talent to take it all the way. In fact, if you if you took a talent such as Shawn Mullins and put him in a world that broke his heart into a million pieces instead of just in half, this might be the album he came back with. Bitter in all the right places and not that unlike the brilliant Dog's Eye View album (delivered very quietly into the world by sony a few years back).

Maybe what Clyde Wrenn needs right now is a late nite t.v. show to put his music to. It's not going to happen on the radio and i can't see MTV being enthralled by his songwriting - it's far too intelligent for that generation, but it's all there people... all you have to do is look.

The t.v. show won't ever happen though - Wrenn would never stoop so low. Go track down this album - like I said, all you have to do is look, be patient and fall in love with this brilliant new star being wafted under your nose, because one day you'll be telling everybody just how you were the only person that ever bought this album...

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