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Mesmerizing, beautiful, stunning. If it's the last new album I hear this millennium I'll be happy.

I don't know who Clyde Wrenn is, in fact I hardly believe that he exists. Anything this heavenly, haunting, joyous, and damned cannot have come from any normal real human being. Sounding like today's grievous angel, Wrenn reaches deep into his soul and dredges up every ounce of his bedraggled spirit and sets it on the edge of wispy musical winds. (I'm trying to be somewhat poetic here because poetry seems to be the only level on which Wrenn should be addressed, but I clearly ain't a poet.)

It is hard to write about a record like this; one that you can hardly explain to yourself - the effects become so subtle.

The music on Long Day's Journey Into Night is a wonderful exploration of music and self. Acoustic at its core, orchestral in its effect, Wrenn and his mates conjure up a matte black and white portrait of life. It is music that is stunning in starkness, vibrant in its dimness, and completely alive. Wrenn shows emormous talent and his band remains his equal throughout. This record is assuredly the first mark of a certain exceptional career.

At the end of a technological decade that has mostly seen the humanity sucked out of art, along comes the most human of voices to remind us why it all matters so damn much, whether we wan't it to or not anymore.

Get the damn record!

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