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Reviews - Clyde Wrenn - Aiding And Abetting

Songs of wrenching pain, laid stark against a bare canvas. Wrenn often doesn't color his songs with much more than an acoustic guitar and his voice, and that is more than enough to unsettle even the most secure listener.

An agonizingly beautiful listen. Wrenn never lets his listeners get comfortable, but starts right in with the brutality of existence. And even when he deigns to allow a band to back him up, the oppression doesn't let up.

Wow. The writing is astonishingly assured and strong, and the production is likewise confident enough to let the music speak for itself. Stuff like this can break even a giant's back.

Even I had to pull back just a bit and not let myself get fully involved. I couldn't take the full brunt of the attack. This isn't harsh just to make an impression, however, and that's what is truly scary here. Wrenn has lived this. And he's gone through it. Again and again, it seems. That's the roughest shot of all.

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