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ORPHAN TRAIN is the new project from Aram Arslanian. Hailing from Boston and now based in Los Angeles, Aram has been critically acclaimed for his heart–wrenching lyrics, lush Gram Parsons-style melodies, and wistful snippets of Americana… songs that that please and comfort because of, not in spite of, their familiarity. After a taking a year to serve as musical director and guitarist for Lisa Marie Presley and to tour with comedian/singer Sandra Bernhart, Aram is back with his third cd release and new moniker Orphan Train available on Surprise Truck Records. Highlights include Raise the Rent and the AAA-radio-friendly Shine On. Orphan Train includes longtime collaborators Scott McPherson (Elliott Smith, Neil Finn) on drums and Matt Fitzell (PJ Olsson, Slydell) on bass.

Aram struck a chord with an adult alternative audience in 1997 when his debut East of Western was released on Subliminal Records. His rendition of Something in the Night also appeared on the Capitol/EMI Bruce Springsteen tribute album One Step Up / Two Steps Back (1997). East of Western was toured extensively, including an appearance at the NXNE conference in Toronto as well a sold out performance at NYC's Beacon Theater benefiting the World Hunger Year organization. The attention drew interest from Surprise Truck Records, who signed Aram and released Ghosts In A Season in 2001.

On Ghosts In A Season, produced by analog-enthusiast Steve Refling, we heard the early influences that inspired Aram's songwriting, such as The Beatles, Elton John, and Jackson Brown. The critics raved (see enclosed press). The album’s Bigger Highway was supported heavily by college radio. Two tracks were picked up for the DVD release of Party of Five's first season. Two others were featured in the independent film Night Surf based on the Stephen King short story. Aram toured the album extensively in 2001-2002 both solo and with the dynamic Aram Band.

As well as accompanying Ms. Presley and Ms. Bernhart, Aram has lent his talents to Blue Eyed Son, Quincy, Rilo Kiley, Slydell, The Ethers, The Hyperions, Blackswan and Fabian. He has also aquired a growing reputation as a composer, recently scoring shows for ESPN, The Mark Taper Forum, and South Coast Repertory Theatre.

ORPHAN TRAIN is: Aram Arslanian and various artists

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Last Updated: Monday, June 25, 2007 10:23 PM