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Baby Sue

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Man Wasn't intended to be a machine. No, just when they've got it down pat, everything running smooth as a whistle nobody squawking anymore, nobody restless or dissatisfied, the thing will collapse. You'll have to pay people to go to a museum or listen to a concert. Soon there won't be any art at all. Art makes you restless, dissatisfied. If you had any aesthetic leaning you wouldn't be able to go though the stupid routine year in and year out. All you need to know is how to do one little thing passable well; you join a union, you do as little work as possible, and you get pensioned off when you come of age. We've got it so arranged now that things are brought to you on a platter. In fact, the less intelligence you have the better off you are. The way Isee it, the world is going to the dogs. Nobody writes good music anymore anyway.


BONNIE LUNDY is: Jason Darling, Jesse Murphy, Jochen Ruecker

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